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#MyOctane is a proudly South African reality motoring #vlog and web series. Everything we do revolves around our deep love of all things motoring in Africa @MyOctane

MyOctane is a celebration of what makes car culture great; a car show story, the likes of which you have never seen. MyOctane explores the world of modern car collectors, legendary cars, restorations, unscripted motoring moments, celebrity stunts and high speed driving action! Feel the humorous banter that comes from a deep love of the chase… it’s all driven by reality! It’s the story of your passion and love of cars; given new life through the crazy misadventures of Allen, Craig and Nico

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The worlds wildest reality motoring show

Three of a Kind – Part One…

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  • The boys get together @AllenIrwin01 @stuntmancraig @Nico_V_D_Heever @Jeaglefeather Photographer: YiMing Hung #YiMingHung #MyOctane Reality Motoring Show

The Power of Sharing

October 6th, 2016|Blog, Reality Motoring Show|

We certainly have come a long way from where we first started, from that very first pitch meeting for CNBC Africa for our motoring show. So [...]

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A Love Affair With Cars

June 28th, 2016|Blog, Vintage Cars|

If I think back to the last five years, it really has been one crazy ride. Never smooth, but always exciting, a learning curve of note, fill [...]

  • Last day on set with Christine & I never saw her again @AllenIrwin01 427 Special Edition Shelby GT500 Super Snake @CarrollShelby @shelbyamerican #Deathrace2 #MyOctane Reality Motoring Show

Date With The Super Snake

June 10th, 2016|Blog, Car Reviews, Stunts|

I had been looking to get into stunt driving for a while, motor racing costs money and I wanted something that could keep me behind the whe [...]

Sing Our Theme Song

I don’t get my thrills from
the bottom of the bottle.
I’m a power surge baby
like a lightning bolt,
Wired to the tires
like a billion volts.


Pop the clutch
as I lean into the curves.
I’m the real deal steal
baby like my nerves…


Bet your ass
I’m in the passing lane,
My My MyOctane…

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