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The Archetypal Theory

We believe that while you may be able to take a presenter and teach them to drive they will never be real car people. Find out what happens when you mix racing, hillclimbs, stunts, precision driving, vintage cars, movie car builds, classic car restorations, motoring event participation and so much more! Watch as three South African petrol heads worlds epically collide to create a motoring experience the world has never seen. We also bet you can’t imagine what happened when we flipped the script and threw it out the window…

After more than four years of blood sweat and tears the MyOctane team mastered our motoring reality driven narratives, and the training we put in has paid off. We have produced several VLOGCAST specials against all odds; which will be aired at strategic intervals, after the launch of our weekly MyOctane Monster Mash Vlogcast Live stream podcasts.

That’s #MyOctane

Allen Irwin
Allen IrwinRacing & Precision Driver
Motor Racing
Hillclimb Racing
Precision Driving
Stunt Performances
Driver Training
Car Reviews
Craig G Sobotker
Craig G SobotkerMovie Car Builder / Precision Driver
Movie Car Builds
Precision Driving
Stunt Performances
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Car Maintenance
DIY Tips & Tricks
Nico Van Den Heever
Nico Van Den HeeverClassic Car Broker
Vintage Car Investment
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Educating Classic Car Collectors
Buying / Selling Tips & Tricks

Meet the Fokkers!

A Classic Start!

Know the Beast Within?

The Beast Within Trailer

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